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SQL Server 2012 MDS Model corruption after SP1


After applying Service Pack 1 to a SQL Server 2012 instance my Master Data Services Model became corrupt.

When trying to validate the model, I got an Invalid Column: uda_nn_nn error message.

Needless to say that this column didn’t exist in the current model. I checked in the last backup of the database and it didn’t exist in that model either.

I’m not sure what caused it but this was how I solved it:


  • Export the model using MDSModelDeploy.exe
  • MDSModelDeploy createpackage -model “MyModel” -version “Version 3” -service “MDS1” -package “c:\MyPackage.pkg” -includedata
  • ¬†Delete the problematic model from within the MDS UI.
  • Deploy the exported model using the deploynew clause:
  • MDSModelDeploy.exe deploynew -package “c:\MyPackage.pkg” -model “MyModel” -service MDS1

It seems that just deploying a new model (which in contrast to the deploy clone option) creates new internal object names (i.e. new attributes etc). And this sorts out the metadata corruption.